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  • Name: Isameldin Abbas
    Company Name: NSS-Qatar (PMO)
    Street Address: Duhail, Doha
    City: Doha State: Zip Code:
    Country: Qatar
    Email Address:
    Phone: (974) 7077-8887 Cell: (974) 5598-7772 Fax:
    DRB Training and DRB Experience:

    Brief Narrative Resume:

    Geographical Area of Interest:
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  • Name: Bryan Ahern
    Company Name: Eastcliff Pty Ltd
    Street Address: Unit 118, 32 Blackall Street
    City: Barton State: ACT Zip Code: 2600
    Country: AUSTRALIA
    Email Address:
    Phone: Cell: 614-1820-4016 Fax:
    DRB Training and DRB Experience:
    DRBF 12th Annual International Conference in Sydney May 2012
    DRBF Advanced Training Workshop Sydney 20 June 2015

    Brief Narrative Resume:
    Mr Bryan Ahern is civil engineer and builder who is an experienced Graded Arbitrator, Accredited & ACT Registered Mediator Expert Determiner, Adjudicator and Probity Services Provider. He is widely sought consultant in both the theoretical and practical aspects of tenders and contracts. He is a former National Councillor and Past ACT Chapter Chairman of the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia, member of the Master Builders Association National Contracts Committee and formerly on ACT Peak Council and Standards Australia OB/3 Sub Committee on AS 2124 and AS 4000 suite of General Conditions of Contract.

    Geographical Area of Interest:
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  • Name: Deepak Ahuja, P.E.
    Company Name: Polaris DR, Inc.
    Street Address: 2901 N. Dallas Parkway, Ste 320
    City: Plano State: TX Zip Code: 75093
    Country: USA
    Email Address:
    Phone: 469-408-6872 Cell: Fax:
    DRB Training and DRB Experience:
    40 hour Mediation Course

    Brief Narrative Resume:

    MS in Civil Engineering
    The University of Texas at Austin, 1991


    Over Twenty four years of experience in research, construction projects, designing structures, evaluating property damage for clients for a range of perils including but not limited to wind, hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, seismic event and construction and design defect. As a Vice President and Executive Vice President of a national engineering company, was involved in the growth of the company 44 times in revenue from 1997 to 2013. Testified at trial, arbitration, deposition and presented at mediations as an engineering expert.


    Licensed as a professional engineer in 19

    Geographical Area of Interest: Building Construction, Infrastructure, Airports, Institutional facilities, Healthcare, Amusement, High Rise,
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  • Name: Joseph Allen
    Company Name: Omega Consultants LLC
    Street Address: 20080 Palermo Lake Ct
    City: Estero State: FL Zip Code: 33928
    Country: USA
    Email Address:
    Phone: 330-815-1275 Cell: 3308151275 Fax:
    DRB Training and DRB Experience:
    2007 - DRB CEC
    2008 - Ohio Department of Transportation DRB Training Certification


    Ohio Department of Transportation
    Project 13-0314 $21,000,000
    Compensation $1,800/meeting
    Transportation per ODOT OBM Travel Policies
    Study/PrepTime $225/hr
    Meeting Frequency: Quarterly
    Travel Time $125/Hr
    Commercial Transportation at cost

    Project 013-3000 (CCG2) EB Innerbelt Bridge ($273 Mill.)
    Compensation $1,800/meeting
    Transportation per ODOT OBM Travel Policies
    Study/PrepTime $225/hr
    Meeting Frequency: Quarterly
    Travel Time $125/Hr
    Commercial Transportation at cost

    Brief Narrative Resume:

    September 16, 2016

    Joseph W. Allen, Managing Partner
    Omega Consultants, LLC
    (330) 815-1275

    Education: 1967 University of Kentucky, BSCE
    1988 Case University, MBA

    Professional License: Ohio P.E.

    Relevant Training Courses: 2007 - DRB CEC
    2008 - ODOT DRB Training Certification

    Employment History:

    Current : Managing Partner of Omega Consultants, LLC
    Current Dispute Review Board Participation: See Attached

    Employment History
    1970 – 2007: The Great Lakes Construction (Retired)
    2007 – 1988: Senior Vice President responsible for Estimating, Project Management, in-house Engineering, quarterly Project Cost-to-Complete financial
    reporting, Safety and Purchasing. Over five billion dollars of bids submitted primarily for Ohio Department of Transportation projects in addition to site development, power

    Geographical Area of Interest: Heavy/Highway, Power Plants, Civil Construction
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  • Name: Sergio Bruno Alongi
    Company Name: Aequitas Mediacao e Consultoria em Contratos de Infraestrutura Ltda.
    Street Address: Rua Tabapua, 145 Sala 104, Itaim Bibi
    City: Sao Paulo State: SP Zip Code: 04533-010
    Country: BRAZIL
    Email Address:
    Phone: 5511-3583-0092 Cell: 5531-91383580 Fax: 5511-3583-0092
    DRB Training and DRB Experience:
    The Dispute Resolution Board Foudation
    Workshop Rio de Janeiro 11-13 maio 2015

    Brief Narrative Resume:
    Resumo das Qualificações:

    • ExperiTMncia de 27 anos adquirida em empresas de construção de grande e m©dio porte, no gerenciamento de contratos no Brasil e no exterior, em obras de infraestrutura, em especial rodovias, obras de arte especiais, saneamento, obras de canalização e urbanização e prediais de grande porte;
    • Gestão Contratual, Administração Contratual, Negociação, Atuação Comercial e Supervisão de obras;
    • Participação na elaboraçãoo de reivindicações e claims, em perícias t©cnicas de engenharia em processo judicial;
    • Atuação em parecer t©cnico de engenharia para arbitragem;
    • Agraciado com o Grande Colar do M©rito Legislativo Municipal Jos© Alencar Gomes da Silva, pela Câmara Municipal de Belo Horizonte.

    • InglTMs (fluTMncia)
    • FrancTMs

    Geographical Area of Interest: Engeneering
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  • Name: Salim (Sam) Amod
    Company Name: Squinch Advisory Services
    Street Address: Postnet Suite 200, Private Bag X18
    City: Milnerton State: WC Zip Code: 7435
    Country: SOUTH AFRICA
    Email Address:
    Phone: 2721-528-0006 Cell: 27833770729 Fax:
    DRB Training and DRB Experience:
    DRBF Conference Cape Town, 2008
    DRBF workshop London 2009
    DRBF Conference, London 2009
    Advanced Certificate in ADR, University of Pretoria and Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa, 2010
    Adjudicator and dispute advisor on 2010 World Cup Stadiums in South Africa, 2008 - 2011
    Member of DAB's and Chairperson of DAB Panel for the Coega Industrial Development Zone, South Africa, 2005 - 2010
    Chairperson of 3-person DAB for a dam in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
    Member of 3-person DAB for a power station project in Mpumalanga, South Africa
    Chairperson of 3-person DRB for a road project in Botswana
    Chairperson of 3-person DAB for rail project in South Africa
    DAB for water

    Brief Narrative Resume:
    Registered Professional Engineer (PrEng) and Project Management Professional (PMP); Fellow of South African Academy of Engineering; Fellow, Honorary Fellow and 2006 President of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering; Fellow of the Association of Arbitrators, Southern Africa;
    B.Eng and MSc(Eng) in structural engineering and project management; Airport Systems (MIT); Senior Executive Programme (Harvard); Adv. Cert in ADR (UP);
    Structural engineer on multiple commercial, retail and banking structures; national roads and highways; industrial structures.
    Project/portfolio manager on fast-track and community based projects: airports, road networks, labour intensive programmes.

    Geographical Area of Interest: Construction
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  • Name: Ana Armesto
    Company Name:
    Street Address: Markaida Bidea 23
    City: Mungia-Vizcaya State: Zip Code: 48100
    Country: SPAIN
    Email Address:
    Phone: 3494-615-6669 Cell: 3460-941-0053 Fax:
    DRB Training and DRB Experience:

    Brief Narrative Resume:

    Geographical Area of Interest:
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  • Name: Robert Ashcroft
    Company Name: Ashcroft & Associates Ltd
    Street Address: 21 Bendigo Grove
    City: Wellington State: Zip Code:
    Country: NEW ZEALAND
    Email Address:
    Phone: 644-473-3952 Cell: 0064-274-777-408 Fax: 644-473-5135
    DRB Training and DRB Experience:

    Brief Narrative Resume:
    Rob Ashcroft is actively involved in construction contract dispute resolution, acting in the roles of claims advisor, independent expert, mediator, adjudicator, and arbitrator.

    Rob is an accredited Gateway Reviewer for project reviews of major capital projects, with the NZ Government, and Australian Federal and State Governments.

    Rob provides consulting services across the following domains:
    • Strategic advice, re procurement strategy, tendering and contract documentation and processes, for services and works related to capital projects.
    • Strategic advice, and operational support, related to project management of capital projects.
    • Assessment and improvement of enterprise project capability, addressing processes, tools, knowledge, and organisational alignment, across the spectrum of portfolio,

    Geographical Area of Interest:
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  • Name: William Ashton
    Company Name: Ashton Engineering, LLC
    Street Address: 11287 Wine Palm Road
    City: Fort Myers State: FL Zip Code: 33966
    Country: USA
    Email Address:
    Phone: 303-901-9987 Cell: 239-936-5519 Fax:
    DRB Training and DRB Experience:
    Administration and Practice and Advanced/Chairing Workshops..Member of DRB for numerous projects in Colorado and Florida.

    Brief Narrative Resume:
    Broad experience in heavy and highway construction, including DOT (4yrs), consultant (16yrs) and contractor (27yrs). Particular areas include road and bridge, industrial treatment plants, water storage facilities and rail projects. Knowledgeable in planning, scheduling and managing construction and design projects as well as dispute and claim avoidance and resolution.

    Geographical Area of Interest: Nationwide
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  • Name: Shane Astbury
    Company Name: CPB Contractors Pty Ltd
    Street Address: Level 6 HQ South, 520 Wickham Street
    City: Fortitude Valley , Brisbane State: QLD Zip Code: 4006
    Country: AUSTRALIA
    Email Address:
    Phone: Cell: +61 4019 704 607 Fax:
    DRB Training and DRB Experience:
    Graded Arbitrator Resolution Institute Australia

    Graduate Certificate in Arbitration and Mediation (University of Adelaide)

    DRBF Master class Singapore 2014
    DBRF Master Class Genoa 2015
    DBRF Master class Sydney 2015

    Brief Narrative Resume:

    Geographical Area of Interest:
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